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Iconic Charlie Brown voice actor faces criminal charges

Whether a person is famous or an average Texan, the consequences when facing a criminal charge are the same. Being in the public eye for criminal allegations can be damaging. Not only is the defendant awaiting trial, they are hearing gossip within their community and having their story broadcast through the media. Whether or not the charges stick, the defendant could suffer a severely damaged reputation. This could cause significant hardship for the accused, especially within their family, community and work environment. Being able to clear their name can be a lengthy process for a defendant even if they aren't convicted for the allegations.

Peter Robbins, 56, was recently charged with 12 felony counts. Robbins is a familiar voice to many: between the ages of 9 and 13, Robbins was the voice of Charlie Brown, a well-known animated character. The man who provided the voice of Charlie Brown was arrested at the Mexican border where he was at an entry point for admittance. When border patrol agents checked his passport, it revealed that there was a warrant for Robbins for allegedly making criminal threats and stalking. It was purported that Robbins was stalking an ex-girlfriend and made criminal threats against a plastic surgeon. Robbins pleaded not guilty to the charges and is waiting for his preliminary hearing set for March 22.

If Robbins is convicted of the alleged 12 felony charges, he could face up to nine years in a state prison. But beyond the legal penalties, the accused could face additional consequences. Whether or not he is convicted of the charges, he might endure negativity from the public based on the media covering the allegations. Not only could his name become tarnished, he could have damaged relationships with his ex-girlfriend, family, close friends and members of the community. His personal and professional reputation could be severely damaged regardless of a conviction.

No matter the charges a defendant faces, the gossip and media surrounding the charges can be a significant hardship for the accused. A damaged reputation and lack of support from loved ones can be tough on the accused. Clearing one's name can take time even after being cleared of the charges, which is why a strong criminal defense is important from the very onset.

Source: CNN, "Good grief! Charlie Brown voice actor charged," Alan Duke, Jan. 24, 2013

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